Next round kicking off April 4th 2022


Robbo has become a sought after mindset and Performance Coach globally
because of the results his clients (men just like you) are getting in their businesses and their personal health and wellbeing when they follow the proven systems and processes.

Check out real examples of guys’ messages to Robbo when receiving coaching from him.

Breakthrough Program is designed for

male business owners, leaders &

everyday blokes wanting to make a difference!

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, this program is for you:

  • Do you feel overworked, stressed and frustrated?
  • Do you lack confidence and self-belief?
  • Do you love personal development and you’re looking for the 1%ers to help you thrive personally and professionally?
  • Is being busy making you feel like you don’t have time for the important things in your life like family, hobbies and adventure?
  • Do you feel a lack of support to help you work through your challenges because your staff, friends or family wouldn’t quite understand what’s required?
  • Do you need knowledge, resources and support with nutrition and food choices?
  • Have you been putting work first, putting yourself and your health last and your health is starting to suffer?
  • Have you lost motivation for exercise or other things you previously enjoyed?
  • Do you want to eliminate fear of failure, procrastination and many other disempowering habits and behaviours?
  •  Do you want to have more energy and motivation, better quality of life and of course, greater professional success – without the stress and burnout?

Don’t Really Have The Time?

Wondering How It Works?

Don’t worry, this is designed for you even if you’re stacked with commitments.

Everything is done online and modules are released each week that you can watch and listen to like netflix or a podcast.

Check out the details below

  • There’s 8 modules and 1 module is released each week. The videos are short and easy to digest. Instead of flicking through social media or watching netflix you can consume this material to elevate your life.
  • – You will graduate with your own tangible Personalised Blueprint that supports you to know exactly what, how and when to do the empowering habits that help you thrive in your personal and professional life – well beyond when the program finishes.
  • 8 weeks of group coaching includes 1x 60 minute zoom call every week plus a private Facebook group. Men always experience amazing breakthroughs with this camaraderie of support and accountability. You don’t have to share any of your challenges or struggles if you don’t want to, this is about learning from and supporting each other so we all thrive together.
  • 1:1 coaching with Robbo includes 1x90min zoom Deep Dive session, with a voice recap like your own personalised podcast. Plus unlimited personalised messages to you, specifically supporting you with your goals and through your challenges! (this alone is worth more than the investment and is what all guys say maintains their motivation and inspiration well beyond their expectations! (As seen in the pics above)
  • You keep everything forever! All live trainings, bonus recordings and your personalised blueprint.
  • And of course you’ll have the connection to the other empowered, inspiring, successful men in the group who will likely become long-term accountability partners and great mates!
  • – This program officially kicks off April 4th. We will take a break over Easter.
  • – Your 1:1 session with Robbo will be anytime after module 4 is released. However, you will have access to him via the Facebook group, text and voice messages from the beginning. 
  • A common question is “How much time will I need to set aside each week?”

    Answer: About an hour per week to watch the content. And it’s broken into small 10-20min videos so you can watch like YouTube or listen like a podcast when you’re commuting etc.  The amount you communicate with Robbo is completely up to you. The live calls are 7pm AEST every Wednesday evening, for 60mins, and if you can’t make it live you can watch or listen to the replays anytime that suits you.

If you’re ready to find the 1%ers that will create long lasting positive change in your personal & professional life, then you can’t afford NOT to do this Breakthrough Program.

Meet your High Performance Coach, Brett Robbo

Brett Robbo was tagged as one of the ‘Top 30 Coaches To Look Out For In 2021’.

He has over a decade of experience working with World Class athletes and highly successful, driven leaders and business owners, helping them take their personal and professional lives to the next level.

He’s also a very passionate guy who runs his own high performance coaching company & podcast, with clients globally. He understands first hand what’s required to maintain high performance in business and also thrive in his health and personal life.

Robbo adds:

First and foremost I’m a proud father of 2 abundantly beautiful children and a connected husband who’s madly in love with his wife.

My gorgeous wife and I are living our dream life together – with very few disagreements, lots of big belly laughs and supporting each other to be the best version of ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and as inspiring leaders in our separate businesses.

We both value our health as our top core value and credit our commitment to our self care practices in our busy daily schedules, to why we’re able to run our successful businesses and not experience stress and burnout – what we call Sustainable Success.

I understand that running a successful business and leading a company can be a rollercoaster of a ride, but it doesn’t have to mean high levels of stress and burnout or leaving your health and personal lives to suffer.

I’ve worked with some of the world’s best professional coaches, psychologists and mentors and combined that with well over a decade of hands-on coaching with elite athletes and successful leaders and business owners. This has helped me create proven systems and processes that are easy for you to implement to get maximum results in minimal time.

If you’re still reading and unsure whether Breakthrough Program is for you, here’s what recent participant Nathan said who has implemented all the strategies you’ll learn in this program:

“Anyone who’s sitting on the fence about this, all I can say is jump! Just Jump! You won’t be disappointed”

If you’re ready to jump and take your life, business and career to the next level with the VIP program click here to apply before it’s too late! (only takes 2 mins to apply)

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