Keynote Speaking & Presenting


If you’re looking for a speaker who is enthusiastic, engaging, knowledgeable and has character to go with it, Brett Robbo is your man.


Robbo draws on his vast experience in High Performance Sport as an Athlete, Coach and Performance Therapist, along with his journey through massive adversity and external studies in Human Behaviour to bring a unique and powerful approach to personal and professional development.


All workshops and presentations are tailored to your organisation’s needs, with an outcome of actionable strategies and skills to implement immediately to ensure positive change.


Some Key Areas:


  • Mindset Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Breathwork for stress management AND Optimal Performance
  • Health and Wellbeing programs
  • Mental Health Enhancement
  • Optimal Health and Productivity
  • Developing Influence (for leaders & managers)


These workshops can be tailored to all industries and enviroments including Corporate, High Performance Sport, Schools and Mining Industries.

Wellbeing Programs


Brett Robbo has become a sought after facilitator of his impactful Holistic Wellbeing Programs, optimising you and your teams Physical, Mental and Emotional capacities!


Brett doesn’t just talk the talk of these topics, he also embodies these practices. As a former professional athlete and a current Health, Mindset & Performance Coach, he works with world class athletes & coaches, corporate leaders, teachers & students, and the community.


Brett is trained and certified for breath coaching, emotional intelligence, high performance sport, soft tissue therapy, mindset coaching, leadership and much more. Learn from the best!


Brett has tailored these wellbeing programs to Corporate, High Performance Sport, Schools and the Mining Industries.

Contact Brett to discuss your specific plan and take your team to the next level.