For driven men who want to thrive

in your personal and professional life!


Do you want to push the outer limits of performance in your business or career without overstepping the boundaries in your personal life?

Well, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to hang out with and learn from World Class Coaches and leaders Brett Robbo and special guest Anthony Minichiello, as they show you how to:

  • Blow past your business and career goals, minus the stress and burnout!
  • Shift from stress, fear, worry, anxiety or doubt into calm, confidence, resilience, focus and flow.
  • Examine your current habits and routines so you can tweak them for more energy, improved mental clarity and a better rhythm throughout the day.
  • Unlock the power of your breathing to efficiently decrease stress and increase energy.
  • Incorporate movement and exercise in small effective doses to compliment and supercharge your daily routine.
  • And some bonus tools and strategies to help you THRIVE in your personal and professional life, without giving up any of the fun stuff.

Sounds awesome. I’m keen for this challenge!

How Does It Work?

Don’t worry, this is designed for you even if you’re stacked with commitments.

Everything is done online.

You will receive proven tools and strategies that are easy to implement into your current routines to help you operate at your best Consistently.

The content will be live and recorded and delivered daily, so you can access it when it suits you via email and the private Facebook group.

Of course, if you can get to the live sessions it’ll be great to get your questions answered in real time, but any questions you do have at ANYTIME you can post in the group and Robbo or Minichiello will get back to you.

 Robbo and Minichiello will be supporting you and holding you accountable so you get the most out of the challenge.

There is no pass or fail. You simply choose to implement as little or as many of the habits, tools and strategies you desire!

This isn’t a fitness challenge or a push up challenge. This is you receiving PROVEN strategies that will help you have Sustainable Success at the Elite level in your business, career and personal life.


  • 1. You will receive 4 weeks free access to Minichiello’s online physical coaching! Simply for participating in the challenge! Valued at $29 Per Month
  • 2. Optimal Nutrition and Gut Health Program, module 1 from Robbo’s online program Valued at $149
    Learn the easy and most effective ways to have your nutrition support you and give you energy for sustainable success in your professional and personal life.
  • 3. World Class group coaching from Robbo and Minichiello Valued at $499
  • 4. Your chance to win a Shakti Mat to help you relieve stress and tension faster, and support your sustainable success! Valued at $84

If you’re ready to take your life, business and career to the next level then you can’t afford to miss this challenge.

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AND the best thing is you won’t be overloaded with more on your ‘to-do list’. This challenge is helping you look at what you’re already doing and how you can transform for Sustainable High Performance using simple, proven tools and strategies!


Meet your High Performance Coach, Brett Robbo

Brett Robbo has over a decade of experience working with World Class athletes and highly successful, driven leaders and business owners, helping them thrive in their mind, health, career and relationships.

He’s also a very passionate guy who runs his own high performance coaching company & podcast with clients globally. He understands first hand what’s required to maintain high performance in business and also thrive in his health and personal life.

Robbo adds:

First and foremost I’m a proud father of 2 abundantly beautiful children and a connected husband who’s madly in love with his wife.

My gorgeous wife and I are living our dream life together – with very few disagreements, lots of big belly laughs and supporting each other to be the best version of ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and as inspiring leaders in our separate businesses.

We both value our health as our top core value and credit our commitment to our self care practices in our busy daily schedules, to why we’re able to run our successful businesses and not experience stress and burnout – what we call Sustainable Success.

I understand that running a successful business and leading a company can be a rollercoaster of a ride, but it doesn’t have to mean high levels of stress and burnout or leaving your health and personal lives to suffer.

I’ve worked with some of the world’s best professional coaches, psychologists and mentors and combined that with well over a decade of hands-on coaching with elite athletes and successful leaders and business owners. This has helped me create proven systems and processes that are easy for you to implement to get maximum results in minimal time.

Meet your special guest, Anthony Minicheillo:

Anthony Minichiello is one of Australia’s greatest athletes with a powerful story of recovering from SERIOUS spinal injuries naturally, and using his lived experience to empower all humans to make healthier choices to improve their quality of life!

He’s a proud husband and father, and passionate about helping humans live their best life.

His football career spanned over 15 seasons as a player for the Sydney Roosters, playing in six grand finals and winning two Premierships. In 2005, Mini won the ‘Golden Boot’, awarded to the player voted the Best in the World!

It’s proven that High Performance results in your professional life and thriving in your personal life is not only possible without the stress and burnout, but it’s highly probable when you follow proven systems and processes.

“Burnout is now a thing of the past thanks to your coaching Robbo!”

Leigh: Owner/operator of a global multi-disciplinary company, proud husband and father of 3.

Robbo has been successfully coaching High Performing men in their careers for years and has witnessed their exponential growth when they follow the tools and strategies that you’ll learn in this challenge.

If you’re ready to take your life, business and career to the next level then you can’t afford to miss this challenge.

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Robbo has become a sought after mindset and Performance Coach globally
because of the results his clients (men just like you) are getting in their businesses and their personal health and wellbeing when they follow the proven systems and processes.

Check out real examples of guys’ messages to Robbo when receiving coaching from him.

If you’re still reading and unsure whether this free challenge is for you, here’s what Robbo’s client Nathan said who has implemented all the strategies you’ll learn in the challenge:

“Anyone who’s sitting on the fence about this, all I can say is jump! Just Jump! You won’t be disappointed”

Ok, I’m ready to jump and take my life, business and career to the next level!

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